Quadruped Animation- Nico Box Jump

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More work using the Nico rig, this time jumping onto and off a box. I mostly used a tiger as the reference for the movement, but obviously had to make alterations to account for the back legs which are alot longer than a tigers. Hopefully it doesn't come across too much like a tiger as it is supposed to be a alien creature.
At the moment I'm currently in the process of creating a whole new showreel, as the only one online at the moment is my old student one. This will most likely replace the nico reation animation that I did as it was done nearing the end of my degree, resulting in me rushing it and therefore being one of the weakest parts of my old showreel. To be honest most of my old showreel probably won't make the cut, as I do have quite alot of new stuff which will be posted in the near future.

I've posted this before but here's the link to the rig.